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...Cutting-edge design, affordable pricing, and phenomenal customer service has made me an extremely satisfied client. The exceptional service I've received from you has been that of a friend. Your thoroughness, patience, and knowledge are characteristics that are gently displayed whenever corresponding with you!!   - Mahasin Phillips, makeup artist, website client

(referral) " ...I wanted to introduce you to Betz Frank, the creative person I told you about... Betz totally changed our look/image; stepped up our branding; and really gave us an edge over our competitors. She's also done some great photography for us, both corporate and personal. I get compliments all of the time from government agencies and large primes on our presentation (web site, marketing materials, powerpoint, etc.). Image goes a long way, and I’m really happy with her quality of service. Betz is responsive and so easy to work with...I know you'll benefit from her overall abilities...they are superb."    - O. Bullock, President and CEO, federal contracting firm, Maryland

“Many thanks for your help on this Betz—the photography looks great and the poster worked wonderfully, along with everything else you did for us for this event to carry through the brand we've created. Love working with you —I appreciate the quick turnaround time and, as always, the positive attitude. Now let's get started on the new site!”    - S. Ghadry, CEO, Federal IT contracting firm, Maryland

“I am proud to recommend Betz Frank to any business, association or organization seeking more value, creativity, and performance in a photographic design firm. Here, small is beautiful – mostly because one gets the work ethic as well as creativity. For BE A PILOT, suffice it to say only this: Among 12 contractors supplying the “guts” of the $2 mil program, Betz (and her corporate IT team) has been the key to the entire operation. In materials creation, photo-retouching, ad management, consultant services and so much more, this is our MOST VALUABLE PLAYER and I would not have been as successful in my tenure as president without her. I trust others will be smart enough to see that Betz and CCA, Ltd. is an under-recognized treasure among the crowded field of Washington creative specialists."
  - D. Steketee, Past Pres., Flying Association, Washington, D.C.
I am so grateful and can't tell you how much I appreciate you noticing those important things about my website...this is exactly the reason that I recommend you guys to every client and associate that I meet :)  Being an artist I am unfortunately 100% computer illiterate so you're product and your patience helping me is awesome!  You guys ROCK!!    Whitney Parker, professional makeup artist, website client
“As always, I so much appreciate all that you do and your great dedication to our company. I know we are not your only client, but you make us feel like we are."  - J. Jaeger, Pres. and CEO, Government Recruiter, VA

"Ok, so here's my initial "narrowing down" to 34 images we love! Phew that was hard! These pictures are more than amazing! I cannot thank you enough for capturing such a special part of our life. The one of me and Sofia with the special effect is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have a gift!"  - G. Bullock, Maryland 

"Betz, I just looked over the print and web shots for the first 18 and they look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I appreciate the retouching you've done to make them look their best -- you have a great eye for detail! I love the Web versions also and will load them into my site now. You did a great job, I can't get over what a difference you've made in these shots!!
   - E. Nikoloudakis, makeup artist, NY

“WOW! This is awesome!! I am so completely impressed! There are so few people in life that live up to the hype! High 5 yourselves!”
- C. Howell, Event Planner, Maryland

"THANKS GUYS!! You are absolutely the best...thanks for everything! You're awesome and I LOVE my site!!"    - M Higa, designer, LA, California

"I saw my photographs you put on ftp. Wow, they're terrific...the best by far from any photographer I've worked with. I couldn't imagine not participating in the setup and shoot...I always do...but you were correct, you understood. You didn't need my help. Oh that everyone could capture what I like...people seldom get what I'm thinking. You definitely impressed me....Well done."  – P.Drake, PCouture

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the professional help and personal service you’ve given us at Santa Fe Country this past year. I believe the success of our first full year is due in large part to the combined media expertise and creative photographic talent. You made it so easy for me to make crucial advertising and marketing decisions. You’ve helped me to be able to focus my ads where they can do the most for me, and happily, this has not necessarily been the most expensive places! Thanks again for all your help and for your friendship.” - P. Segar, retail store owner, Virginia

“YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks so much for having our site designed, up and ready in such a short time frame…we are extremely grateful—You all did an awesome job stepping in and working with the wackiness surrounding it! Everyone that has seen the site LOVES IT — and the photography and videos you did! OMG! I'm so glad we found you! We are thrilled!"  - E. Patrice, entrepreneur, Virginia

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